Physical Activity

Physical activity and mental well-being are intrinsically linked. Exercise is one of the simplest ways to improve and maintain your mental health. There are multiple benefits for your brain and mind that are directly linked to body health and physical engagement. Any type of exercise can immediately boost the feel-good chemicals naturally produced by our brains when we experience pleasure. This mood boost can last for hours, days and even weeks. It could also possibly change not just someone’s physical appearance but could also transform a person’s entire lifestyle.

Physical tasks, strenuous activities and fitness achievements will improve your mental abilities and increase your mind’s own agility. These mental bonuses will drastically improve sleeping patterns, and energy levels, sharpen memory and boost mood, confidence and immune system. Improving fitness will also reduce stress and help give you better stress responses. This is linked to minimizing the effects of mental illness. Regular exercise also increases creativity and brain function which can prevent or reduce the negative impacts of things like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Even a very small amount of exercise (and/or fresh air) can drastically improve a person’s life and sense of self-worth. This feeling of elation and achievement can spill over into all other aspects of your lifestyle to increase productivity, and improve concentration. It can also reduce anxiety, irritability and bouts of low mood and lack of motivation.

Exercise in any shape or form, no matter how intense or laid-back is a guaranteed way to enhance an infinite array of seemingly unrelated issues so there is no excuse for postponing that walk or avoiding the fun. It will even help you to relax, enjoy and appreciate your free time more than ever. You know what they say, THE HARDEST PART IS GETTING UP OFF THE COUCH !!!!! You never know, you may even inspire others and improve the health of those around you, or even attract positive people and changes that will benefit your family, friends and possibly your whole community.

Here are twenty healthy, high-quality protein foods to help you on your journey, boost physical recovery and reduce muscle stiffness and soreness to keep you high in energy and greatly encourage motivation.

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