Physical and Mental Health in Ireland.

Ireland has an unusually high rate of suicide among young men and women. Part of this problem could be attributed to the lack of a national strategy for the prevention of suicide. Thankfully we do have a number of reputable organisations such as Pieta House and the Samaritans who help to deal with this problem and other mental health issues in a very professional manner.

There are stigma-related issues in regards to mental health and to combat this we have a wonderful organisation called See Change. See change is an alliance of organisations working together through the National Stigma Reduction Partnership. Their aim is to change the public’s perception towards people with Mental Health Problems.

We have several outlets which specifically engage younger members of society who need help such as Teenline, Jigsaw, Reach Out, and St. Pats. Core Ireland can assist you in contacting any of these groups with an easy-to-read list of phone numbers and email addresses on their web page.

7% of our student population is registered with physical disabilities. The problems they encounter range from transport and mobility issues to fatigue. Trinity College Dublin has an excellent website called Trinity Disability Service. You can access their website here.

The National Learning Network provides a fantastic service in educating people with Mental or Physical (or both) disabilities. They have a range of courses to suit people at different stages of their recovery and can prepare you to re-enter the workforce and in some cases help to get you that first job. Even if employment is beyond your remit, NLN can teach you skills that will help you build confidence and prepare you for a better life. Contact them here.

If you have something positive to contribute to our Blog on physical and Mental Health don’t hesitate to contact any of our volunteers.

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