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CORE Ireland Courses

Format:  3 hours per week over 5 weeks

In this Course students will explore:

  • How to develop personal knowledge on how our thoughts, feelings and actions interact to enhance our well-being.
  • The benefits of empathy, compassion and acceptance.
  • Expressing emotions effectively.
  • Dealing with fear and challenging emotions.
  • Recovery and what it might look like for you and others.

Format:  2 hours per week over 6 weeks

Creative song-writing course. Express yourself through the art of songwriting. Channel your creativity and explore/develop talents in a group setting. We believe in the power of stories.

Starting to write a story can seem daunting, yet with guidance and support in a group environment, it can become an enjoyable, healing experience.

On this Course, students will explore:

  • Lyrics, Melody, Rhythm, Rhyme, Chords etc…
  • Building confidence through playing together
  • Lots of different musical instruments (or bring your own)
  • Channelling thoughts, feelings and opinions into the art form of song
  • Collaborative techniques: learning with and from each other

Format:  2 Days

This two-day workshop explores the meaning of normal trauma responses to adverse circumstances in life and the implications of unresolved trauma responses.

On Completion Participants Will:

  • Have a greater understanding of how people normally respond to and recover from trauma.
  • Explore how interrupted abnormal trauma responses can impact an individual’s health and how they connect with others.
  • Become aware of the relationship between trauma, and mental health problems and how people can resolve problems by renegotiating the trauma responses.
  • Develop self-help tools to understand and alleviate trauma-induced distress. 

The CORE Ireland DNNE Recovery College offers a range of free educational courses that aim to empower and include individuals in their journey towards mental health and well-being. Our programmes foster a culture of recovery within the community by providing transformative courses that are accessible to all. These courses are collaboratively developed by individuals with lived experience, family members, and mental health professionals, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to mental health education.

Our list of courses includes:

  • My Home The Sanctuary
  • Moving Beyond Stigma
  • Thoughts, Feelings and Actions
  • Creative Writing
  • Self-Care
  • Infected With Happiness Through Art
  • Act The Maggot Through Drama
  • Sing Out!
  • Self-Love

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To register for your preferred course, kindly reach out to us via:

Phone: (085) 2289579

Email: hello@coreireland.ie

What to expect

After completing your registration, we will get in touch to verify your details. Subsequently, we will send you an email containing all the necessary information about the course commencement date and how to attend.

PLEASE NOTE: It is imperative that you have access to a computer or phone that has Zoom installed.

Questions about CORE Ireland Courses

Yes. You can choose as many courses as you like to suit your schedule.

No, course material will be provided.

Each course varies but the average is approximately 2 hours per week over 4 to 6 weeks. The information is available in the course description.