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Wellbeing Talks

Stress and burnout, time management and work-life balance. The truth about good habits and much more.


Mindfulness, meditation, yoga at your desk and many others. We want to show your staff the skills they can use daily.

Wellbeing Champion

Training a voluntary member of staff to become a key ambassador of a company’s wellbeing strategy helping to implement and support a Wellbeing Programme.

In the ever-evolving business landscape, our training programs shine. We blend current insights with forward-thinking approaches to address present challenges and upcoming trends. Our courses equip professionals to excel in today’s market and capitalize on future opportunities. Dive into a learning experience built for lasting success.

Certified Dating Coach, Relationship Coach, Law of Attraction Life coach and Author

Interior Designer

Certified life coach Jeanne Sullivan Billeci, author of Be the Soul Mate You Want to Attract, has entertained and informed millions across Ireland and the U.S. in interviews with her insights on dating, relationships, communication and the law of attraction. You might have seen her on the former Ryan Tubridy Show and Ireland A.M., where her unapologetically authentic, straightforward approach got her invited back, as well as Evoke Magazine, RSVP Live, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Today FM, Elaine Show, The Cork Echo, Southern Star and more. While based in Ireland, you’ll hear a decidedly American accent, as she’s from the San Francisco area, where she continues to coach Silicon Valley executives from the likes of Amazon and Toyota on communicating as a leader at work and in relationships. She spent 25+ years as a nationally renowned figure in corporate communications, branding and marketing in the US tourism industry, including coaching executives on how to speak to the media effectively.

Whether you WFH or in an office, by making small improvements to your desk space, you can dramatically improve your comfort, your mood and your levels of concentration.
Certain colours have a positive effect on your concentration and your ability to analyse. Other colours improve your creativity and inspiration.
By adding plants to your desk space, you bring in nature and feelings of well-being as they reduce stress, purify the air and boost productivity.

Inspired Living by Ineke is well known for helping employers improve productivity, reduce stress levels and introduce feelings of well-being to their employees. Many positive changes can be made at relatively small costs. Previous projects show that absenteeism was reduced, efficiency was increased and the overall feelings of wellbeing and camaraderie among staff members were enhanced.

Elfreda Manahan-Vaughan

Teaching Personal Development, Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Stress Management, Positive Psychology and Confidence to adults

Elfreda is passionate about helping people to develop their self-awareness so that they can have greater choice in their personal and professional relationships. She has a special interest in Attachment Theory and conducted research in 2021 into Coaching & Posttraumatic Growth. She has an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and a BA Hons in Literature and Sociology and Licentiate in Teaching Drama & Communications. She is an NLP Mind Coach, Meditation Instructor, Trauma Informed Practitioner, Somatic Parts-work and Integrative Coaching Practitioner and Communications and Personal Development Trainer. She is also an EMCC Accredited Coach. Elfreda has worked as an Integrative Coach for over 9 years combining the above modalities  as well as over 28 years in the field of personal development. She has worked with clients from the health sector, prison service, education, entertainment, and banking industry, as well as teaching and training in LMETB Community Education with disadvantaged groups. She continues to work there and also teaches QQI Level 5 Criminology, Psychology, Research and Study Skills, and previously Lifestyle Coaching, part-time in FET centres in Meath and Dublin. Elfreda has worked with very age group from Junior Infants to Higher Education and the breath of her experience has given her a deep understanding of the importance of psychological safety when working with individuals and groups. Her mantra is to not take other people’s behaviour personally as we are all just trying to make ourselves feel safe.

mark Carolan

Corporate wellbeing coach and consultant.

Mark is a transformational life, executive and public speaking coach. He is also a corporate wellbeing coach and consultant and a licenced NLP Practitioner. He has had a successful corporate career of over 20 years in senior management across major international organisations, and brings that experience into the work he does as a coach and public speaker. As a coach Mark specialises in helping clients become the best version of themselves, by building a better mindset, manage their time and their life better, and empowering them to be their very best selves.

Mark is a renowned public speaker, covering a wide range of topics from Wellbeing, stress and burnout, to coping mechanisms, time management and change in the workplace. His talks are inspired by his experience working in the corporate world and coaching leaders through their corporate challenges. He speaks engagingly on vulnerability and the value of being yourself. All his talks are interactive, engaging and delivered in a very professional and personable style. The talks are designed to provide awareness for staff as to the changes they need to make, inspiration for them to make them, and clear actions to be taken to elicit positive change. 

Mark is also a twice national toastmasters champion and a TEDx speaker.

Eileen and Paula- Lus Aromatherapy

Eileen Smyth and Paula McGuinness, two Certified Professional Aromatherapists with a
shared journey from the high-paced world of senior management to the tranquil realms of
holistic wellness. Drawing on their extensive corporate backgrounds, Eileen and Paula have
embraced a more holistic path, driven by a passion to educate and empower others on their
wellness journey through the power of aromatherapy.
At Lus Aromatherapy, we offer bespoke corporate training programs designed to foster a
culture of wellness within organisations. Our workshops blend the science of aromatherapy
with practical strategies for stress management, resilience building, and enhancing overall
well-being in the workplace. With a focus on interactive learning and professional
development, our programs equip employees with the tools and techniques to navigate the
challenges of corporate life with ease and vitality.
Eileen Smyth holds a Diploma in Communications, advertising, and Marketing. During 1990
to 1995 she worked for Allied Domecq firstly as P.R. Executive for Beefeater Gin and later
Project Executive Brands Development. Working directly with the New Product
Development Manager and Packaging Manger gave her great insight into creating and
launching products. She has been lecturing in Aromatherapy since 2015. She is deeply
passionate about aromatherapy, the healing properties of essential oils and how they can
enhance people’s life. Her qualifications include a Diploma in Aromatherapy, Beauty,
Reflexology, Reiki, Holistic Massage.
Eileen is a specialist blender and Natural Skincare product maker and has been making
natural and organic skincare since 2015. Her passion led her to bring aromatherapy and
essential oils into teaching the practical and theory side of Natural Product Making. All her
workshops are very interactive, engaging and professional. Eileen works with beginner
levels through to post graduate courses in Natural Product Making, Reflexology, Holistic
Facials. Aromatherapy Massage and topical application of pure essential oils.

Paula McGuinness, is a seasoned expert in holistic wellbeing, specialising in Aromatherapy
with over two decades of experience in corporate training and insurance. As a dedicated
Training & Development Manager for the past 15 years, Paula has spearheaded employee
wellness initiatives in corporate environments, recognising the crucial link between wellbeing
and productivity.
Driven by a deep understanding of the impacts of stress on individuals, Paula made a
transition to Aromatherapy, where she now thrives as a therapist, educator, and business
owner. Her passion for natural health solutions stems from personal experience and a desire
to combat the ever-growing epidemic of chronic stress.
Paula’s credentials speak volumes about her commitment to the field. With qualifications in
Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage, and Indian Head Massage, she possesses a diverse skill
set to address various aspects of wellbeing.
As a mother of three, Paula embodies the principles of holistic living in her daily life, utilising
essential oils to promote balance and vitality. Her compassionate approach and wealth of
expertise makes her a valuable resource for individuals and organisations seeking to
enhance wellbeing through the transformative power of Aromatherapy.

Elevate your organisation’s wellness initiatives with Lus Aromatherapy. Our mission is to
empower your team to thrive in both their professional and personal lives, promoting a
healthier, happier, and more productive work environment. Join us in redefining corporate
wellness through the transformative power of aromatherapy.

Caroline Kennedy

Owner & Founder at Onsite Wellness Company

With an extensive background in health, wellness and dance, Caroline established Onsite Wellness Company with a vision to help her clients achieve balance and be as healthy as they can be. She has dedicated her career to understanding both the medical and historical aspects of therapeutic practices, and the profound impact holistic therapies can have on overall well-being.

A former dance-school owner and ballet teacher, Caroline looked to wellness after an injury impacted her early career.  She has studied holistic therapies throughout the world, including Ireland, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and America. She is a qualified Yoga instructor with specialities in Vinyasa, Yin, pregnancy, children, and women cancer survivors; and is an ITEC-qualified Beauty Specialist. She is a certified stretch coach with additional training in 121 dynamic assisted stretching. Notably, she studied Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapy at the Klose Training Institute, USA.  Having trained under Guenter Klose CLT (LANA), she subsequently completed an advanced review in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder Technique) and Complete Decongestive Therapy at the Földi College, Special Clinic for Lymphology, Germany.  She gained valuable experience in Complete Decongestive Therapy treating primary and secondary lymphoedema at St George’s Hospital in London under one of the world’s most prominent lymphedema specialists, Professor Mortimer.  Caroline’s specialises in massage and bodywork therapies and has worked with many national and international companies providing massage and wellness packages.

Caroline believes wellness is a lifelong journey, where each day is a step towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. Her approach embraces the idea that illnesses and health challenges shouldn’t prevent us from enjoying life as best we can. She is wholly committed to finding ways to supporting her clients’ well-being and comfort, and meeting clients wherever they may be on their own unique path to wellness.