Core well-being in the Workplace

Training Designed with the Future of Business in Mind.

Wellbeing Talks

Stress and burnout, time management and work-life balance. The truth about good habits and much more.


Mindfulness, meditation, yoga at your desk and many others. We want to show your staff the skills they can use daily.

Wellbeing Champion

Training a voluntary member of staff to become a key ambassador of a company‚Äôs wellbeing strategy helping to implement and support a Wellbeing Programme. 

In the ever-evolving business landscape, our training programs shine. We blend current insights with forward-thinking approaches to address present challenges and upcoming trends. Our courses equip professionals to excel in today’s market and capitalize on future opportunities. Dive into a learning experience built for lasting success.

Certified Dating Coach, Relationship Coach, Law of Attraction Life coach and Author

Interior Designer

Certified life coach Jeanne Sullivan Billeci, author of Be the Soul Mate You Want to Attract, has entertained and informed millions across Ireland and the U.S. in interviews with her insights on dating, relationships, communication and the law of attraction. You might have seen her on the former Ryan Tubridy Show and Ireland A.M., where her unapologetically authentic, straightforward approach got her invited back, as well as Evoke Magazine, RSVP Live, Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Today FM, Elaine Show, The Cork Echo, Southern Star and more. While based in Ireland, you’ll hear a decidedly American accent, as she’s from the San Francisco area, where she continues to coach Silicon Valley executives from the likes of Amazon and Toyota on communicating as a leader at work and in relationships. She spent 25+ years as a nationally renowned figure in corporate communications, branding and marketing in the US tourism industry, including coaching executives on how to speak to the media effectively.

Whether you WFH or in an office, by making small improvements to your desk space, you can dramatically improve your comfort, your mood and your levels of concentration.
Certain colours have a positive effect on your concentration and your ability to analyse. Other colours improve your creativity and inspiration.
By adding plants to your desk space, you bring in nature and feelings of well-being as they reduce stress, purify the air and boost productivity.

Inspired Living by Ineke is well known for helping employers improve productivity, reduce stress levels and introduce feelings of well-being to their employees. Many positive changes can be made at relatively small costs. Previous projects show that absenteeism was reduced, efficiency was increased and the overall feelings of wellbeing and camaraderie among staff members were enhanced.