Extreme Community Care

Core Ireland is providing a valuable community service with its Extreme Community Care (ECC) Programme. It is aimed at people who are down on their luck and simply need a little help to get their lives back on track. A typical example of this could be people with physical disabilities who are unable to maintain their property.

How it works:

The service we provide is combined of a few simple steps.

  • Identify a social problem – This could be someone living in an unsuitable home, or someone lacking necessary good in their residence.
  • Provide community care – We would then offer to help the person around their home by cleaning, building and doing any small maintenance jobs that could help them in the long run.
  • Clean up and do maintenance of property – Our initial clean up would involve removing any excess rubbish or unnecessary clutter from the home.
  • Refurbishment– With the help of our local partners, we would be able to provide: Furniture, Electrical Goods, Beds etc.
  • Liaise with neighbours– Getting in contact with neighbours and friends is essential. We would provide relevant information and updates about what we are doing and keep them informed.
  • Long Term– Throughout our work, we would ensure that the person we are working with would be able to continue doing the work we are doing after the CORE Ireland team has left.






The Involvement of local community groups and charities is hugely important for this project. Local business and charities provide necessary donations of furniture and materials which are needed for these projects.

A special Thank You to Navan’s Men’s Shed in Claremount who have generously offered to help us with this project!

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