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Food Labels

Are food labels are a mystery to you?

You’re not alone.

We get lots of information from labels, but most of us have no idea what all those facts mean.

Today we’re going to review exactly ‘what’s in a label and how to read them correctly.

The Best Alternative? Buying Foods That Need No Label
Before we begin talking about how to read labels on packaged foods, it is essential to stress one simple fact: to attain optimal nutrition you really shouldn’t be reading those food labels in the first place.

Because a food label is found on packaged food; you will always be better off choosing whole foods.

And the closer to nature the better.


Deciphering Food Labels
Food labels can be confusing—even misleading.

And to make things more difficult, there’s no global standard for labelling packaged foods.

The most important thing to remember is you can never evaluate a product just by looking at the front of the package which rarely tells the whole story.


Author – Basil (Volunteer)



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