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Food Waste in Ireland


Food waste is turning into a serious moral, social and economic issue not just in Ireland but throughout the World.

In a recent EEC survey Ireland came seventh out of the 27 listed countries for food waste per head of population.

However there are finally some initiatives being put in place to tackle the problem. United Nations directives and our own Environmental protection agency are at the forefront in tackling this issue.

With approximately one million tonnes of food waste annually in Ireland it is easy to understand the problem that exists. It is not something that can be left to government agencies to solve alone. Each and every one of us has a moral obligation to reduce our food waste. The economic and social benefits of a more mature attitude to food waste could only have a positive effect on our society.

Core Ireland which provides a food parcel service to those who live in food poverty are very keen to help raise awareness on this issue.


Ways to Reduce Food Waste:

  • Plan your shopping List and only buy what you need
  • Prioritise food that needs to be used up soon
  • Buy food you will actually eat, not food you plan to eat
  • Put new foods to the back of the cupboard
  • Hang your bananas away from the fruit bowl
  • Correct storage also plays a vital role in maintaining the nutritional value of food and ensures it will be safe for consumption.
  • Be creative with your cooking: Use the food that’s expiring in your dishes
  • Reuse food – make lunch from your leftovers

For more information, check out: Stop Food Waste


Author: Frank (Volunteer)

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