We provide back office support and promotional materials to individuals or groups who wish to organise a  fundraising activity. Choose from the list below or create your own.

Thank you for Your Support!

At Core Ireland, we rely on the generosity of the public, local government funding, and national and international fundraisers to sustain our charitable activities. 100% of funds are reinvested back into the community. By Fundraising you enable us to provide free mental health recovery education, operate the  Nourish food bank, and deliver other various essential services such as a homeless outreach program,  and the provision of invaluable,  meaningful work experience.  Together, we make a profound difference.

An examples of some fundraisers that you could organise would be:
Bake Sale

Gather your friends and family, share your favourite foods and raise money for Core with a Big Brunch.

Quiz Night

Everyone loves a good quiz night. Gather your friends and family and ask them to spread the word!

5km/10km Run

Get on your active gear and take on an active challenge.

Comedy Night

Make it a night to remember and host a comedy night at your local hall, bar or club.

Coffee Morning

Brighten your spring with 14 days of wellbeing-inspired challenges to spread positivity and raise money for Core!

Golf Classic

Support us with a tournament. Or by making Core your golf club’s charity of the year.

For more information on holding a fundraiser for Core Ireland- please fill out the contact form below.