Meath Heritage Week

Meath Heritage Week is a week-long event where people are encouraged to visit all the local landmarks in the Meath area, here are some places you should check out during the week!

Castlekeeran Ogham Stone
Castlekeeran Ogham stone bearing the inscription ‘COVAGNI MAQI MUCOI LUGUNI’. Ogham stones were the first example of a written Irish language.






Dunmoe Castle
Situated on a bluff overlooking a W-E section of the River Boyne c. 100m to the S. This could be an early castle, but its history is obscure.






Town parks Roundtower
The round tower is SW of the present Church of Ireland church and the likely site of the daimhliag






Skreen Church
Standing tall on the summit of Skreen Hill, overlooking the more famous Hill of Tara, is the site of an ancient church associated with St Columba. From the hill there are spectacular views of the plains of the ancient kingdom of Meath.










Bobsville Cup Marked Stone
A moss-covered stone (dims 1.5m x 0.9m; T 0.25-0.3m) set upright on its long side in the NW corner of the graveyard (ME015-056007-) of CLonabreaney


Killary Church
Situated at the N end of a SE-NW spur with the S-N Killary Water stream in its valley c. 60m to the SW. This is the site of an early church, and the parish church of Killary.

Monknewtown  Church
Situated on a rise in the valley of the N-S Mattock River, with the meandering stream c. 150m to the E. Monknewtown, which had been known as Ratheniskin and Rathmiskin (Cogan 1862-70, 2, 304), was a grange of the Cistercian monastery at Mellifont.


Dunsany Cross
Situated on the NE side of the Dunshaughlin to Kilmessan road opposite the entrance avenue to Dunsany castle (ME037-018—-) and c. 200m N of Dunsany church (ME037-019—-). The cross (H 2.35m) was thought to be a fossiliferous limestone but is probably granite.


Julianstown West Stone Sculpture
Lining the E side of the path up to the door of the present Church of Ireland church at Julianstown is the ‘Apostle Stone

Rathmore Stone Sculpture
A unique stone at Rathmore church (ME024-017001-) is the labyrinth stone (dims 0.45m x 0.37m; T 0.16m), one of the few such representations in Ireland.


Further information about other events being held during the week can be found here!

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