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Nourish Project

Our Nourish Project is one of our most valued projects here at CORE Ireland. We offer families in need food packages on a regular basis, or as a once-off delivery.

According to ‘Combat Poverty’, there are two types of poverty in Ireland today.

Relative poverty
This means having an income that is below 60% of the median income (the median is the mid-point on the scale of incomes in Ireland). In 2017, the weekly median income was €548, so anyone below €329 would be considered in Relative Poverty.

Consistent poverty
This means having an income below 60% of the median and also experiencing enforced deprivation. This means being on a low income and not being able to afford basic necessities such as new clothes, not having the money to buy food such as meat or fish, not being able to heat your home, or having to go into debt to pay ordinary household bills.

As of June 2019, the Safefood publication estimate that 10% of Irish households live in food poverty.

How to get on board:

If you would like to donate non-perishable food items or toiletries that can be distributed to families in the weekly food parcels they can be dropped into Next To Nature shop in Navan Shopping Centre or feel free to call us and a member of our team can collect items from you.

We would like the opportunity to partner with your school on this project.
This is how you could get involved.

  • Appoint a project team to oversee the promotion of the Nourish Project in the school.
  • On a designated day, once a month, each student is asked to bring in one non-perishable food Item from their kitchen cupboard which also generates family awareness of the fact that 15% of students go to school hungry every day.
  • The food could be placed in a container in a central location in the school.
  • A volunteer from Core will collect the food from your school for distribution in Navan.
  • Students can get involved, where possible in the re-packing of the food for distribution.

If you are a member of a sporting organisation or club you might consider adopting the Nourish Project within your group or organisation as part of your social responsibility ethos. We have developed a program called the Joy of Giving. On your premises, you could house a box into which non-perishable food items can be deposited and we can arrange collection and distribution of same in the Meath area. We ask your members or staff to bring one item on a given day once a month to be placed in the box and a member from CORE Nourish Team will then collect the same.

We can provide posters and leaflets outlining how The Joy Of Giving works. We will acknowledge all our Nourish partners in our published newsletter.

How to use this service:
There are no criteria to meet in order to avail of this service and you can contact any of our volunteers to organise a food hamper for you or somebody else in need. We will deliver a food hamper to you, free of charge. We will do this on a regular basis or as a one-off donation. All conversations are strictly confidential and kept between you and the volunteer. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

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