Our Projects

CORE Ireland is centred around being a hub for the community. We pride ourselves on being able to do various projects that benefit our local community, surrounding areas and helping those who live there. This is where our projects come in.

CORE, currently, has four ongoing projects. The Nourish Project, the Extreme Community Care (ECC) Project, our Work Experience project and our Clean-Up Project.

Our Nourish Project focuses on helping those in need in the community. We do this by receiving donations of non-perishable food items and other necessities and delivering them to local families. We get these donations through schools, clubs, businesses and individual donations.

Our ECC Project is aimed at those are living in an unsuitable environment. Our team of volunteers offer their time to help clean up the home and make it more suitable for living in. We also collaborate with local charities and groups to get any necessary items we may need.

Our Clean-up Project focuses on the environment. At CORE we know that the environment is central to our community. Due to the amount of litter on our streets, on our beaches and by our rivers, we know that clean-up projects are necessary. In this project we do regular clean-up in local areas to help reduce the amount of litter on the ground. This prevents damage to local wildlife species and helps residents feel more comfortable in their home.

For work experience CORE Ireland offers experience to those who wish to gain more confidence in a formal working environment. We have various positions available and we offer volunteers the experience to learn on-site. Office work includes working with computers, collaborating with community groups and helping plan and organise future events.

As CORE Ireland continue to grow, we hope to expand our projects and take on new ones when necessary. We do this because we believe that having a happy, clean community will be a benefit to everyone who lives there.

Please contact us if you wish to get involved, or check out our individual project pages to learn more.


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