What We Do

CORE Ireland are a community based, volunteer-led initiative situated in Navan, County Meath, Ireland. We act as a hub that connects with and provides services for the community, local charities and worthwhile causes. We do this by focusing on individual projects that will help restore a real sense of community bringing people and organisations together to address issues in areas such as mental health, community development, poverty and social exclusions.

As part of our organisation, we have various projects and services available for the local community.

CORE Ireland Projects

Our Nourish Project focuses on helping those in need in the community. We do this by receiving donations of non-perishable food items and other necessities and delivering them to local families. We get these donations through schools, clubs, businesses and individual donations.

Our Clean-up Project focuses on the environment. At CORE we know that the environment is central to our community. Due to the amount of litter on our streets, on our beaches and by our rivers, we know that clean-up projects are necessary. In this project we do regular clean-up in local areas to help reduce the amount of litter on the ground. This prevents damage to local wildlife species and helps residents feel more comfortable in their home.

Core Ireland is providing a valuable community service with its Extreme Community Care (ECC) Programme. It is aimed at people who are down on their luck and simply need a little help to get their lives back on track. A typical example of this could be people with physical disabilities who are unable to maintain their property. The Involvement of local community groups and charities is hugely important for this project. Local business and charities provide necessary donations of furniture and materials which are needed for these projects.

CORE Ireland offers work experience for those who wish to gain more confidence in a formal working environment. We have various positions available and we offer volunteers the experience to learn on-site. Office work includes working with computers, collaborating with community groups and helping to plan and organise future events.

CORE Ireland Services

Our Nourish Project is aimed at families who may need extra assistance with food. People donate food items and necessary products to CORE Ireland through their schools, clubs or as individuals. CORE volunteers then place these items in special hampers to be delivered to local families in need who have contacted CORE. This is a confidential service and only the volunteers you work with will know the details of the donations you receive.

Our Shout-Out service makes use of our various social media platforms. CORE Ireland are active on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. If a member of our community is in need of specific items for their household they would contact CORE. We would then put out a post on our social media appealing for these items to be donated.

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